Workplace and Employment mediation usually will require pre meeting/s before the agreed mediation day. Equal time in these pre-meetings will be allocated to each party. Once the pre-meetings have taken place, the process is the same as Civil & Commercial mediation.

What are the advantages of mediation over litigation?

  • Mediation is cost effective

    Costs are a fraction of the price of litigation.

  • Mediation is personally satisfying

    It is lead by you, with the guidance of a professional mediator. You help to determine the resolution.

  • Mediation is not statutory

    A decision is never forced upon the people involved

  • Mediation is voluntary

    All parties agree to take part in the process.

  • Mediation is confidential

    it is not part of a public court, and the content of a mediation process cannot be used in subsequent court proceedings.

  • Mediation is quick

    Disputes can often be resolved in a single day.

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