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Workplace and Employment mediation is co-mediation (employing two meditators) and will usually require premeeting/s before the agreed mediation day. Equal time in these pre-meetings will be allocated to participants. Once the pre-meetings have taken place, the process is similar to Civil and Commercial mediation.

These mediations can be particularly challenging to those involved, situations can often be felt very personally. At JMS we are acutely aware how deeply emotional such mediations can be and are experts in handling highly emotive situations and bring them to a successful conclusion.

Respect is how to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.
- Richard Branson

In Civil and Commercial Mediation, the mediation will take place on a mutually agreed day and place. All participants will have the opportunity to have joint and private sessions.

  • Private sessions involve one of the contesting groups with the mediation team.
  • Joint sessions involve all participants of the negotiation.

Once the dialogue and communication has led to a mutually agreed resolution, a formal agreement will be written by the participants and signed by each one.

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